Wick Guide

The Flaming Candle Company wick chart is designed to assist in choosing the right wick in the candle making process. The recommendations below are only meant to serve as a guide in getting started.

Testing is the only way to determine the best wick to use for each candle project.

Higher viscous waxes such as single pour paraffin wax, soy (vegetable) wax, and beeswax, may require up to several sizes larger than the recommendations below.

When performing testing, always take detailed notes and remember there are a variety of factors that can determine the appropriate wick size to achieve optimal burning characteristics. Factors that can influence the proper wick include: wax type, type and amount of fragrance oil, amount of dye used, container size and shape, and additional additives (vybar, stearic acid, etc.) used in each particular candle making project. Changing any of these variables can affect the candle burning characteristics.

Candle Wick Guide