What Candle Wick Size Do I Need?

Choosing a Candle Wick Size

Determining the best wick size to use is topic that generates a lot of questions. There are a variety of factors that can impact the size of wick to use and change how a candle burns. Since there are many variables that can affect a candle’s burning characteristics, there is no single answer on which wick size will work properly without performing testing for each candle recipe. Changing just one of the items listed below may mean modifying the wick size as well.

Some of the main things that can determine the best wick size for your recipe are:

  • Wax used (paraffin, vegetable/soy, etc.)

  • Type and amount of dye used

  • Amount of fragrance oil used

  • Amount and types of additives added

  • Candle diameter

Because of the many factors that can impact the burning characteristics of a finished candle, the only way to determine the best wick size for each particular candle is through testing. Testing can be one of the challenging parts of candle making. However, if you keep detailed notes, it can become easier as you become more familiar with how well certain recipes work. We offer a wick guide to help with suggested starting points. However, there is no substitute for testing to determine the optimal wick size for each particular candle recipe.