Paraffin Candle-Making Kit with Jelly Jars

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Paraffin Container Candle Making Kit

Our paraffin candle making kit provides the candle-making supplies you need to make four (4) 8-ounce paraffin candles. Detailed instructions are included. Once you receive your kit, please unpack it completely as some small items are packed inside of larger items and may appear to be missing at first.

Each Kit Includes:

2 lbs. of ProBlend 400 paraffin container wax

1 ounce Cocoa Butter Cashmere FO

1 ounce of Fruit Loops (Type) Fragrance Oil

5 HTP-73 Wicks (6” length) – includes 1 extra if needed

5 Wick Stickers – includes 1 extra if needed

4 Smooth Sided Jelly Jars (8 ounces each)

1 20-piece pack each: Red Dye Chips, Brown Dye Chips

1 Metal Pouring Pot (Holds approximately 1 lb of wax)

1 Thermometer

4 Wick Bars

5 Candle Warning Stickers, Large

1 Instruction Sheet

Additional Items Needed:

Clean level surface

Scale (a kitchen or food scale is sufficient)

Stirring utensils